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Enjoy Quarantine…

Bhuvan Goel

Vardhman College, Bijnor


Do you remember the days when we had summer break during our school time. How we spent that time when we were not allowed to move outside of the house as it was too hot outside. Yeah I am not denying the fact that we all went to our relatives’ house to stay during that time but it was just for a few days and for the rest of the time we spent at home by all the things which makes us happy. So this is the time now, do whatever which makes you felt happy.

This Quarantine period can be enjoyed by starting off with some of your desirable things. Think of those things which you used to procrastinate saying that you will do that when you will be free. See, this is the first time you were talking about then. I don’t think that we will ever get this free time in our lifetime back again. So why not make full use of it?

Kate Mannle, who earlier this year traveled through South Korea on her way back from a trip to Myanmar, quarantined herself at home in Seattle when she came down with a fever and a cough.


You can enjoy this Quarantine period by gong all these things:

  • Spend time with your family, talk to them about the things which excites you, share your funny incidents with the and also listen theirs.
  • Play games with your family like Cards, Carrom, Antakshri and so more! If you are not with your family, you can play some online games also. You can play online Ludo with your friends, family or colleagues.
  • You can watch some online stuff like series on Netflix, Amazon prime etc. If you don’t have subscription for these, YouTube is also a nice idea. You can also watch movies.
  • Call your loved ones, talk to them. Open your heart in front of those who genuinely care. This can help your soul to feel lighten and eventually makes you happy and calm.
  • Try to read books! Yes, you should read books on the topics you love. If your don’t have books, don’t step your of your house to buy some. You can just download some apps which let you read wide range of books.
  • Practice the things which make you feel good. In my case it is dance. Think what you like and do it.
  • Make yourself stronger and more confident. Stay away from the people who make you feel stupid when do the things you like
  • You can (Only if you want to) join some online classes; upgrade your skills and knowledge.
  • You can do some of your household chores like helping your mom in cooking or cleaning up and sanitizing your house and your equipments.
  • Meditation is one of the best things you can do right now to relieve stress and improve your well being.
  • Just because you have to stay indoors doesn’t mean you can’t get started on your spring gardening. Bring the outdoors in by sprouting seeds or planting a container garden. Bonus: you can use your fresh herbs in your amazing healthy dishes you are learning to cook.
  • Want to know how to say, “Quarantine stink” in five other language? Now is a great time to learn or practice a new language.
  • Whipping up a produce-packed smoothie or a green juice may be too much work on a normal morning but what is normal anymore? These days it’s more important than ever to support your immune system and your waistline with plenty of fresh or frozen fruits and veggies.

Let’s use this time in an effective and efficient way. Use this time in building some good habits and take up some new habits which will help you professionally and personally.

I suggest to you not to waste this time. Do whatever you always wished to. Don’t spend this time in overt thinking.

This time will never return. Think Wisely.

Most importantly, keep washing your hands again and again, cover your mouth while sneezing, don’t step out of your home, Help the needy as far as possible, support the police and trust them. Also trust the doctors and scientists; they will soon come up with cure to this virus. Till then, stay at your home and be happy, don’t take stress.

Support the steps take to save you!


How to enjoy quarantine?

Areeba Raza Zubair

National Post Graduate College, Lucknow


Never did we ever imagine 2020 going this way. With Global pandemic breathing down our necks, self-isolation/quarantine is the best hope for mankind. An invisible enemy that is beyond our control is the worst dilemma we could be in. COVID-19 has forced us to stay at home which hasn’t been as easy as we all expected. Quarantine being a sudden and a drastic change of lifestyle for people has been moiling. People have been facing hardships mentally and physically with such an unexpected hold on the world. For all the disconsolate folks out there, worrying and stressing yourself out will only make things worse. There are so many ways you can entertain yourself, work on yourself, cheer yourself up, and keep yourself distracted. So here are some of the best suggestions for you to try:


Let’s be honest, your list is probably filled up with God knows how many shows you’ve promised your friends to watch. It’s probably the best and the ONLY TIME you will get (cannot emphasize this enough) to actually fulfill your promises being a loyal friend that you are. With so many online sites providing you award-winning shows, you can use up your free time and maybe provide genuine and honest-to-God reviews to make binge-watching worthwhile for other viewers. Help out your lads will ya!

Polishing your long lost hobbies and skilles

Remember the time when you used to have a hobby? A skill you were proud to be good at and genuinely enjoyed? Well, this is the best time for you to go back to your old ways of enjoyment. Take out that musical instrument you used to play, those paints you once loved to colour with, or that book whose smell you used to cherish the most. Go ahead, brush off the dust on your memory trunk and go crazy!

Learn a new language

Want to say ‘wash your hands’ in different languages? There is still time. With so much time to spare, you can work on becoming a multilingual expert in your group. There are literally YouTube videos, journals, and online language learning applications and websites that you can use to learn French, German, and Korean, etc.

For all the job seekers out there reading this, let me assure you, having a foreign language in your resume is going to have a great impact on your career. Knowing how to speak a foreign language is the best way to impress your interviewer.

Note: In case you get demotivated mid-way of your learning, type-in that language in  your resume to encourage you to finish your lessons.

Coronavirus quarantine illustration

How about adopting a healthy lifestyle?

Being a proud Indian that you are, you wouldn’t be unfamiliar about the long-lasting and legitimate effects of Yoga. The gym isn’t the only place where you can work-out. Exercising at home is possible too. You can do yoga in your garden or balcony, do push-ups in your drawing room, maybe even do some heavy lifting with things in your house you have been unable to clean for a while (a good excuse to clean under your fridge, microwave and sofa that have just been collecting dust bunnies for a while now).

A simple meditation, even a 5-minute self-time, and some silence are enough to leave you with a calmer and more positive mental state during these uneasy times. Many people have been suffering from depression and stress due to quarantine which is why yoga is among the best options to repose. Just pick a placid location and feel serenity around you.

Add skincare to your list

With so much pollution acne, zits and blackheads have become our companions. Due to busy routines, skincare hasn’t crossed people’s minds for a while. Now that you are sitting at home, you can work on that gorgeous skin of yours underneath all of the pollution deposited on your face for years. Grab that face mask you once bought pitying your skin condition but never actually got the time to try them out. In case you are out of stock on your skincare products, natural ingredients are nothing more than a lifesaver for you. So much can help you out – Aloe vera, turmeric, honey, carrots, and cucumbers, you name it. Read articles, call your dermatologist, or watch your favourite beauty gurus videos. It’s time to say goodbye to your acne.

Volunteer work, charity and donation

Last but not the least, the best feeling in the world is to help someone out. You can do volunteer work where you do not have to go outside. There are numerous NGOs looking for more helping hands. You can write articles and make posters regarding sanitation, washing-hands, Preventing isolation depression and so much more. These articles will be an informant for those who are unaware or need help. You can also make donations to many unfortunate souls out there without food and water. Various donation groups (including government) have allowed people to make online donations. Help a friend out, take care of an elderly who is unable to take care of themselves, pay your workers salaries if possible, and donate masks if you are able to spare extras. True joy comes from bringing joy to other people’s lives.

Not just this, there is so much more you can do, from singing to cooking your favourite meals from scratch, dancing on your favourite tunes to cleaning out all the junk from your house. As far as your imagination goes you will get through this. As long as you are your positive self, there is no stopping you. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. These days of adversity and agony will go away soon. Nothing is permanent though how you face it is all up to you. Times are tough, but we are stronger together because we are in this together.


Fight Corona, Not People

Vanshika Singh 
National PG College, Lucknow

The deadly 2019 novel coronavirus, formally known as Covid-19 has emerged as a global pandemic now. Countries around the world are reporting positive cases of Covid-19 and the death toll is rapidly increasing. This virus attacks the respiratory system characterised by fever, coughing, sore throat and breathing difficulties. Cure to this fatal disease is unknown yet. It travels through the air medium and transmitted from human to human. First case was reported in Wuhan, China and since then it’s spreading like a wild fire. It has affected over 3.36M people claiming 239K deaths making US as the new epicentre of this pandemic.

During this time of panic the world is witnessing another outbreak disguised in the form of racism and xenophobia. A disease so deadly that has the capability to bring the whole world down on their knees.

Since, China was the first one to encounter this virus so Chinese and Asian people all over the world are being bullied, threatened and harassed as they are considered to be the supposed carrier of the virus. Students are being beaten up and thrown out of school, people are forced to leave the workplace on the basics of the physical appearance and cultural background. Mob attacks, comments like corona, half corona, coronavirus here people are referred to as corona. Stop consumption and use Chinese food and products. Many shops came up with ‘no Chinese’ signs. International hotels also added their contribution via signs like “we must say no to Chinese guests these days”

Numerous cases appeared alone in India where the victims are the North Eastern Indians. People are calling them corona, spitting on them or chasing them down the road. It is just worsening the situation due to their prolonged deep gutted bias. Racism of any kind is not appreciated it is a black spot upon humanity and the entire human race. Fighting among ourselves and playing the blame game has never resolved anything. What we need today is to bring everyone together and fight as one. Else the poison of racism will spread like a wild forest fire and there will be no water left to put it out. Such is the intensity of this man made virus.

People need to work in unison and act like educated individuals keeping aside their deep rooted bias and grudges. In difficult times like these unity is our only strength. We should look upon people as human beings with the eye that treats everybody as equal. Panic and stress would do no good to anyone. Division on any grounds cannot be afforded at this time or ever. If we fail to conquer this racist outbreak we would fail as individuals, society, nation and humanity as a whole. After all, “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL”.

How to enjoy quarantine?

Yardley Jacob K. J.

IASE, Thrissur


“Interdependence is and ought to be as much the ideal of man as self-sufficiency. Man is a social being. Without interrelation with society he cannot realize his oneness with the universe or suppress his egotism. His social interdependence enables him to test his faith and to prove himself on the touchstone of reality.”

Mahatma Gandhi

As Gandhiji said without interrelationship with society one cannot live. The era of covid 19 taught us some new insights to mankind. It enables humans to stay at home for the wellbeing of themselves and society. One can never think about staying at home without doing something and enjoying and feasting with family.

Staying at home made humans started to enjoy loving themselves and their families. The very thought of loving their job and making money was changed. Now they started living for mankind; for the country and society. Humankind got a rare opportunity to serve society through staying at home. The idea of self-sufficiency through each and every village was lost due to the globalisation. Men started thinking about staying self-sufficient in their own houses. They started agriculture for their own and also for the neighborhood. The relationship between neighborhoods was improved due to the transaction of goods in their own compound.The era of covid 19 changed an era for vegetable gardens in India especially in Kerala.

Housewives became more active and supportive to husband’s household activities which were unknown to them earlier. Working with husband’s in the kitchen was the ever becoming dream of housewives in India. New experiments in food items were started, which will  prove tastier and healthier than the hotel food. The innate food items of Kerala like jackfruit, banana, cashew nut, mango etc will get high demand in snack time.

Enjoyments with family members through various games, movies, jokes, etc made the children more energetic than ever. The traditional games which parents grandparents play have come back to the scene. Humankind began to enjoy every moment of life without the tensions in life. This removed most of the negativeness from the minds of people. Positivity began to empower people. Most of the challenges like addictions, maniyas, etc weakened.

Industrial workers started enjoying the job by working from home. The job and family became two sides of one coin. Working from home is a longer need of human beings after the technological upgrade in the country. This will be an added advantage to the enjoyments in families. This will widen the career opportunities in international business relationships. It paved the way for more research, discoveries and innovations in the field of technology, especially software development.

online classes, lockdown, covid 19 lockdown, coronavirus lockdown, online learning, byjus, microsoft teams, online classroom

Students started to learn online classes and model exams from home which was a long desire of their mind. Professional students started enjoying studying at home. The government is looking forward to implementing this new idea for the next academic year. This will be profitable for the wastage of time and money in the academic fields. Students are able to get time for study and part time practical work or doing jobs.

Children in every country were self-sufficient in doing and developing their own specific skills. No-one is compelling them for studies now.  Lockdown is the time for developing innate capacities and skills in students. The social network is giving much popularity for their creativity. This will be helpful for the development of art and culture of our country which will be degraded by the British East India company.

Though the religious institutions were under lockdown, the beliefs of people in religion was increased. People began to think that the covid 19 virus was a curse from God and their evil practices will be changed. The religious practices through media and prayer times in home had increased due to the lockdown. Though most of the beliefs were superstitious, it will be useful for the humankind and upliftment of the moral status of the country.

Various governments in the country had got an opportunity to work for their citizens. Every time the government works for the next chance and for the development of their own party and officials. But covid gave time to introduce strict measures in every field of the country. Ways for implementing new innovations in technologies and policies were started.

The most important enjoyment of the youth is that of the use of social media through mobile phones. People using social media especially group admins were aware of the wrong trolls and sharing wrong messages. So the quantity of wrong messages decreased. People became selective on finding friends and chatting with the are not friends. Many of them found new apps which will help to improve their creativity and sharing it with friends. This will help to improve the confidence of people especially youth and the children.

Though covid 19 brought stress and strain among the lives of the people and many countries have severe death rates, there happened some good things too. The health workers and police got memorable appreciation from the people and the government. The guest workers from other states also get much safety from the government. The NRI’s from different countries were also given help for coming back to India.

Those people who know to enjoy every moment of life have known to enjoy life in the midst of all problems. Enjoyment is involved in our attitude. Finding positives in every sphere of life is the only way for enjoyment and happiness. So let’s make the dreams of our father of nation, Bapuji, fulfilled with joyful families, friends and relatives.

Quarantine. Follow security measures. Yellow plastic caution tape

How to enjoy quarantine?

Ayushi Mishra
National Post Graduate College

December 2019, since the corona outbreak has been seen in many countries including China, it has now become a pandemic. People all around the world are requested to follow home quarantine which is the only effective measure to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.
So the first question that arises is, what is quarantine? Why it has become such a popular word in the country nowadays? The quarantine can be defined as the separation and restriction of people or animals who have been potentially exposed to some contagious disease to ascertain if they become unwell, to reduce the risk of them affecting others. Home quarantine is a positive initiative taken by the government to reduce the spread of COVID-19, where no individual is allowed to wander in the streets without a valid reason.
Home quarantine isn’t is as boring as it sounds like. There are plenty of things awaiting you. All you need to do is look around and make use of your time and space. I would give priority to spending quality time with you and your family. People complain not being able to do so because of their hectic schedule, overworking days, and uneven office shifts. So spend these quarantine days with your kids, play, and enjoy with them. Make your parents happy, chit-chat with them, watch the old episodes of Ramayana and Mahabharata that are been telecaste on DD National and DD Bharti. Relive those old golden days of your childhood with your parents and tell your kids about those days and for grandparents, I would suggest spoiling your grandchildren without ruining them. Soak them with your love and affection. While caring and loving others don’t forget to spend time with yourself. In this world of so much chaos no one has time for themselves, so spend some quality time with yourself. Take as long as naps as you can, get yourself a nice shower. Give your body a break relax and chill.
Binge-watching is a great thing to do nowadays to relax and chill. Choose your channel, may it be Netflix, Amazon Prime, or even shows of various other languages according to your preference. Watch cartoon shows with your kids, mythological or historical shows with your parents or grandparents. Emotional or a bit romantic show can be well suited if watching with your partner.
If you have a hobby then kudos to you, it’s your time, grab it, utilize it, and make full use of it. And if you don’t so develop one. May it be painting, cooking, knitting, or even listening to the music of the different genres. Read books and increase your vocabulary, diversify your area of reading. Read new and exciting kinds of stuff.
Feel free to go for your hobby. Even motivate others to do the same. We have so many platforms where we share our lives through words and pictures. One such is Instagram which is trending nowadays. You do something special you post it on Instagram with trending hashtags and there you go, comments and likes will fill your Instagram handle, which is psychologically pleasing. Getting attention and liking make a person’s mind content and satisfied. So post pictures of what you are doing this quarantine and motivate others to be productive. Make videos of your encouraging people to be supportive, or funny videos to make others day. Spread happiness with a little initiative of yours.
Meet your old friends not literal meeting but figuratively meeting them via video calling. It’s the time when you have spare time for doing kinds of stuff like this, which you regret not being able to do. Friends are a part of the family when the family is away from us, so why to forget friends when we are happily living with our family. Spend time with more and more friends through various video calling apps. Zoom, Duo, and others are a great way to do so. Fill your life with nostalgia. Apart from friends meet your relatives, so stuffs like family video calls.
For tiny tots and school kids, they can get themselves engaged in online classes. Now all school children have been promoted so taking it as an advantage they should probably working for their new session, getting ahead of their course can help them with the studies.
One thing that everyone living in self-quarantine should do is maintaining themselves. Morning walks are prohibited rather walk in your home or balcony and even your terrace, exercise, do yoga, or meditate as per one’s convenience. Afterall sitting and laying all day in your house and stuffing food in your mouth will only obese you. Fitness freaks can utilize time to maintain their health and physique. As it’s rightly said “NO HEALTH, NO WEALTH”. Along with enjoying one should not forget his health. The one who is planning for fitness weak this is your time plan your chart and put it into effect.
Apart from enjoying safe at your home never forget to support the medical staff and police officers who are risking their lives for you. Help them either cooperate with them or donate them homemade masks, food supplies to the needy, medics, with financial support without breaking the quarantine rules that means no touching. Prove yourself as a concerned and law-abiding citizen.
Before wrapping up the article readers should make sure to utilize their quarantine. Treat yourself as a seedling, nurture yourself and observe yourself rejuvenating. Enjoy it to the fullest and not forgetting that this quarantine is for a reason, there’s a reason we are trapped in our homes to make others safe from spreading this deadly virus COVID-19.

Covid -19 An opportunity to learn new skills and self analysis

Geeta Gawariya
S.K.N. College of Agriculture, Jobner, Jaipur

Corona virus disease is a infectious disease it is originated from Wuhan China country .it is dreaded disease . recently whole world facing this disease.
WHO are declared that it is a pandemic disease due to this disease all countries are decided that lockdown and Quarantine is a essential step to stop infection of this disease from one person to another person. So,
Stay Home stay safe.
Quarantine defines as simple meaning that it is a strict isolation imposed to prevent spread of disease. Quarantine is not a jail it is a good opportunity to learn new skill and habits

1. Quarantine makes very enjoyable by develop news skills likes draws painting , write poems , try to learn new language, like Tamil english French etc.
2. We read some novels ,stories ,and some entertainment books and decide our career field and make plan to achieve future goal. Take some study online class increase our knowledge .self analysis our past mistakes and improve them .
3. We takes time our hobbies likes gardening , create new things from waste household material , by cooking makes new delicious healthy foods , singing and dancing etc. and play indoors games .do clean our house . video call with our relatives for future goal advise.
4. We see many motivation and entertainment movies and videos and our favorites serials . listen motivation songs etc.
5. Improve our immune system by many yogas like anulom vilom ,audho mukh savasan pranayama etc. and eat some nutritious food and make some nutritious drinks juices and food .so we should follow all these ways and make other person to follow all these .this is very easy tips which can make our boring Quarantine interesting , and enjoyable.
Time is very precious so please don’t waste our time and utilized it for productive and creative work. so , stay home and stay safe, fight against corona not corona patients . Thus this kind we can make our Quarantine knowledgeable with enjoyable.